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Trek Geeks - A Star Trek Podcast is a casual discussion on Star Trek between two friends that have known each other for 20 years.

Each week, Dan Davidson and Bill Smith will highlight various Star Trek topics covering The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and well as the new feature films and independently produced shows! In addition, they'll stump one another with trivia and have conversations with various contributors and celebrities throughout the Star Trek Universe.

May 10, 2016

This week, we take a look at the first season of Star Trek: Voyager!

It's no secret that Bill hasn't been the biggest fan of Voyager, and he's even attempted his own "Voyager Challenge" to finally get through the series. We thought it might be easier to discuss each season and decide which episodes that you should watch and which ones you can safely avoid in a new feature called, "See-It or Skip-It" and we'll take on the freshman season of Voyager first!

Debuting January 16, 1995, Voyager held great promise as the first Star Trek series to launch a television network. Its first season had sixteen episodes and we'll take a look at each one telling you if you should See-It (because it truly matters in the overall arc, there is important character development, or it’s just a phenomenal episode) or whether you should Skip-It (because it doesn't impact the overall story, it's a weak stand-alone episode, or it's just flat out bad).

Which Season 1 episodes will we love? Which ones will we agree on, and WHY? Eventually, we'll do this for every season of every series, but we start today in the Delta Quadrant where we'll be keeping a strict accounting of the photon torpedoes and paying close attention to the level of suffering endured by Ensign Harry Kim. (We're willing to bet it's more than Miles O'Brien, but time will tell!)

Plus, we'll talk about the latest news in the Star Trek universe from our friends at, and don't forget about our iTunes Review Giveaway where you could win a $25 gift card to just for writing a review!

It's Episode 58 and you most definitely should NOT "Skip-It!"