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Trek Geeks - A Star Trek Podcast is a casual discussion on Star Trek between two friends that have known each other for 20 years.

Each week, Dan Davidson and Bill Smith will highlight various Star Trek topics covering The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and well as the new feature films and independently produced shows! In addition, they'll stump one another with trivia and have conversations with various contributors and celebrities throughout the Star Trek Universe.

Jan 22, 2018

Man, has this guy been through a lot.

Ensign Harry Kim of the Starship Voyager. Operations Officer of the only Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant. In seven years, he has seen a lot of things happen.

The problem is, they've happened to him. Harry could be the most abused character in the history of Star Trek and,...

Jan 16, 2018

December, 1979.

Dan and Bill were both ten years old and went to see the first big screen adventure of the Starship Enterprise and her crew. It was a movie that made a lasting impression on them and, this week, they'll talk about it on Trek Geeks!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture ushered in a brand new era and second life...

Jan 9, 2018

On January 3, 1993, Star Trek's second live-action spin-off series hit the airwaves and featured a completely different setting and mission!

Over the years, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has grown in popularity and is finally getting the love and respect it so richly deserves.

This week, Bill and Dan consider the 25th...